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The sexy models Club LV

Are you looking for an elegant and sexy lady for a great night? We have a variety of beautiful models. Do you prefer to be dominant or obedient? Whatever your wishes may be, the ladies will fulfill them. Our models vary in all shapes and sizes. We have blond goddesses and exotic playboy models, a selection guaranteed to satisfy all the needs of the most sophisticated gentlemen. Contact us here for more information.

We are the most exclusive sex club in Amsterdam. With years of experience, Club LV knows exactly what you want from a high-end sex club. A luxurious evening filled with exclusive champagne and dazzling ladies. It's all about an unforgettable evening of pleasure and entertainment. Our sex club is internationally known for its relaxed atmosphere and unforgettable vibes, but it’s our ladies who make the gentlemen's club so special. Whether you prefer subtle or round shapes, we have a careful selection of beautiful ladies to ensure that we fulfill your wishes.

Club LV premium escort service

Besides being able to visit us in Amsterdam we also have a premium escort service. Ideal for when you want to enjoy the evening from the comfort of your home. The ladies of Club LV can accompany you to any affair. They know exactly what a man wants and will make your wildest dreams come true.

1st class services

Need to relax after a hard day at work or a long flight? Let our 1st class services take away all your worries. Sit down at the bar and enjoy a delicious champagne surrounded by beautiful women. At the bar you can also choose your dream woman for the evening. Would you rather prefer staying at your own home instead? Call us, and we will make sure to deliver the most unforgettable evening right at your home. Would you rather come to us? Our pick-up service is here for you. Our drivers will either pick you up or bring the ladies to you within half an hour to any location in the Amsterdam area.

Comfortable pick-up service

The pick-up service is the ideal way to even take the worry out of a hard day's work. Our pick-up service offers convenience and comfort after a day of exertion. Our drivers are on location in the Amsterdam region within half an hour.

Escort Service in Amsterdam

Do you want a lady at your house? We have a premium escort service with high-end ladies. Ideal for men who want to stay in their own environment. The ladies of Club LV can guide you in every matter. They know exactly what a man wants and make your wild dreams a reality.

Luxury rooms

At Club LV, you'll find yourself in enchanting surroundings. Our sex club is furnished with eight beautiful rooms. Each room in Club LV has its own theme so you can choose the one that best suits your taste. In addition, the rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and whirlpool to make sure that at the end of the evening you go home refreshed and relaxed.

Guarantees sexclub LV

We do everything we can to satisfy you. That is why we only offer high quality services. To assure you of this, we have set up some guarantees:

Very strict privacy and absolute discretion

A highly professional and fully licensed organization

High quality

Always a pleasant atmosphere at the bar

Elegant and sexy ladies

Beautiful rooms with amenities

Our escort service is open! Since you cannot come to us, let us come to you. Call us for more information.
*With the exception of the escort service, Club LV remains temporarily closed as per the most recent corona measures.

Pleasure is our goal, discretion is our trademark.

Club LV is located at Middenweg 144 in Amsterdam. You can contact us by phone for more information. By phone you can also contact us for our escort and pickup service.

Club: +31 20 663 6662Escort: +31 20 577 1100